Worthing Childrens Parade

Worthing Children’s Parade Project continues to grow year on year: from its birth in 2008 when 6 local middle schools took part in the pilot project, 17 first, middle and high schools took part in the 4th annual parade. The theme in 2011 was Outer Space which sparked off much excitement in the master class workshops that took place in schools. Crowds on the day were dazzled and star-struck by an array of rockets, planets, aliens, stars and asteroids!

The award of funds for the Parade in 2011 came from Worthing-based company Families for Children, one of the largest and most successful independent fostering organisations in the South East.

Schools that took part in 2011: Bramber First, Broadwater CE First and Middle, Chatsmore Catholic High, Chesswood Middle, Downsbrook Middle, Durrington First, English Martyrs Catholic Primary, The Laurels First, Lyndhurst First, Oak Grove College, St Mary’s Catholic Primary, Springfield First, Thomas à Becket First, Thomas à Becket Middle, Vale First and Middle, West Park CE First and Middle and Whytemead First.

Next year the Parade is amalgamating with Worthing Town’s celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The theme will be Kings and Queens and the Parade will take place on Saturday 16th June 2012.

Lindy Stannard is the Project Co-ordinator for Worthing Children’s Parade. Lindy can be contacted here ([email protected]). Elizabeth is one of the Treasurers for the Worthing Children’s Parade.

 2011 - Outer Space 

2011 – Outer Space

 2010 - Fantastic fiction 

2010 – Fantastic fiction

2009 - Myths and Legends 

2009 – Myths and Legends 

2008 - Atlantis 

2008 – Atlantis